The mission of the Higher Education Commission (HEC) is to facilitate institution for education and research, and serve as an engine for the socio-economic development of Pakistan. Quality education and research and increased equitable access are the top priorities of HEC.There is a need to increase equitable access to higher education and improve quality of education simultaneously. Knowledge and economic progress are inter-dependent. without knowledge and intellectual pursit progress of any country impossible. Our education and research must conform to national needs, and therefore HEC will support research relevant to the development needs of Pakistan. Establishment of the University of Poonch, Rawalakot is a remarkable step to confront the challenges. I hope it will play a vital role in building leadership, both within and outside the campus, as universities need to build to build communities. The University also needs to build up the capacity to raise funds to become self-sufficient. I hope the University may become a grooving ground for future professionals and responsible citizens to contribute in the prosperity of Pakistan. HEC will support this newly established institution to facilitate quality education and research, and wish it the best of growth!

Prof. Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed
Chairperson Higher Education Commission