Business Administration is exclusively a job oriented professional programme. The students holding this degree always get a ready market welcome for their reception.As the study programme of this Course is very rich with respect to its contents so our graduates get chance to render their services in different professions and departments as:

  1. Financial Institution  

  2. National and Multinational Companies  

  3. Diverse business opportunities 

  4. Industries and self owned businesses 

Head of Department (HoD)

Aftab Tabasum
M.Phil. (MAJU)

+92 5824-960010 +92 5824-960012

Programmes Offered

  • Credit Hours : 96
    Duration : 3.5 Years
    Eligibility : BSc,BSCS,B.Com,BBA,BA
    Description :

    MBA graduates have the basic knowledge of business management and they easily get jobs in small and medium size business industries, & local banks. The graduates can also appear in the competitive examinations e.g., Azad Kashmir Public Service Commissions and Federal Public Commissions for administrative and academic jobs. Graduates can also get suitable and attractive job opportunities in local national and international NGOs.

  • Credit Hours : 130
    Duration : 8-10 semesters (4-5 Years)
    Eligibility : Pre Engineering,Pre Medical,ICS,FA,I.Com
    Description :

    The programme is of four years duration, which provides sound foundation required for bachelor degree as well as professional/ academic qualifications for admission in MBA, MPA, M.Com programmes either at this University or any other in Pakistan and abroad of high repute academic institutes.

Full Time Faculty