Animal and poultry are kept for milk, meat and also valued for fresh skin, hide, horns, blood and bone meals. Due to various diseases the health of animals decrease ultimately the production of animals is reduced, therefore treatments of diseases is essential to maintain the high standards of animal health and their products. Recent advances and discovery of new technologies and equipment enables diagnosis of diseases in animals to be carried out rather easily which other way would have been impossible in the past. Due to these facts clinical sciences has their important role in the diagnosis and treatments of various diseases of animals. The department is comprised of three clinical fields; medicine, surgery and reproduction. And these have the latest equipment for performing various diagnostic tests. And the department is connected with the university veterinary teaching hospital.

Head of Department (HoD)

Dr.Imtiaz Ahmad
Ph.D (University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, Lahore)

+92 5824-960000 +92 5824-960064

Programmes Offered

  • Credit Hours : 171
    Duration : 5 Years
    Eligibility : Pre Medical 60 % or Equivalence
    Description :

Full Time Faculty