The social instinct of man is his inborn quality. Therefore, all the social scientists agree that man is a Social animal. It tries to explain of why people act as they do. It is an explanation of human action and interaction that focuses on our social life and as a result sees humans as being enormously flexible in what they are capable of doing. Its ultimate purpose remains to understand the social existence of man in society. Sociologists investigate the structure of group, organization and societies and how people interact with this context. Since human behavior is shaped by social factors, the subject matter of Sociology ranges from the intimate family to the hostile groups, from the division of labor, race, gender and social class to the shared beliefs of a common culture and from Sociology of work to the sociology of sports. In order to look at human diversity across space and time, a few courses have been included from the sister science; Anthropology, which investigate the innumerable design that people have created for social living: the various ways in which they get food and shelter, organize into families and other associations, governs themselves, engage in peaceful and bellicose relations with their neighbors, practice sorcery, worship gods, or explain the universe. Obviously, the sociology shares these interests with Anthropology

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Dr. Adeel Iftekhar
Ph.D. (Central china normal university)

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    Duration : 2 Years
    Eligibility : BSc,BSCS,B.Com,BBA,BA
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    2 Years Master Degree Program

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    Duration : 8-10 Semester
    Eligibility : FA/ FSC/ ICS and equivalent with min 45%
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    BS 4 Years Degree Program

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