We shall be the matchless force in creating an inclusive community, zealous about learning, discovery, service, and leadership where every student will say, “You were concerned. You facilitated. I was inspired to flourish.”


The Directorate of Students’ Affairs fosters students’ individual and interpersonal development, contributing to their success as learners both in and out of the classroom by:

  • Creating a diverse, safe, and compassionate community.
  • Empowering students to become dynamic citizens and leaders.
  • Celebrating attainments and independence.


We are Student-Centreed always, and we value:

  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Collaboration
  • Ethics
  • Excellence
  • Learning and Teaching

The Directorate of Student Affairs is a collection of departments, programmes, and services that seek to foster UPR students’ personal development and directly contribute to their success as learners both in and out of the classroom. More than that, Student Affairs is a network of people who strive to assist, support, and engage our students in areas like campus living and dining, health and wellness, multicultural and diversity programmes, career planning, student activities and organizations, recreation and athletics, conflict resolution, leadership development, and commuter student programmes. We are the folks who bake the delicious dining hall desserts, coach our terrific varsity sports, plan the big campus events, put your picture on a UPR ID card, and deliver so many other student support services and programmes. We believe that a civil, inclusive, and engaged campus community enhances the total student experience, and we strive to cultivate that type of campus environment in all that we do. As a result of our student interactions and involvement, we hope each will come away saying, “You were concerned. You facilitated. I was inspired to flourish”The Director Student Affairs (DSA) is a full-time officer of the University Directorate and is responsible for the

  • Promotion of co-curricular activities within campus and intercampus’s.
  • Provision of opportunities regarding informal learning’s through field visits.
  • Intellectual capacity building and promotion of entrepreneur potential in students.
  • Promotion of the culture of student welfare.
  • Maintenance of proper discipline among the students.
  • Allotment for hostel and ensuring that the students are living as per University Rules.
  • Allotment of seats on University buses, finalize bus timings and routes.
  • Selection of deserving students and provision of Financial Assistance per rules.
  • Making Arrangements for internship of students in different organizations.
  • Arrangement of collaboration of the University with industries.
  • Arrangement of appropriate placement of the graduating students through “job fair”.

Besides the provision of environment to the students for acquiring higher academic profile, they are provided with the platform for the display of dynamic literary, creative and artistic abilities and aptitude for co-curricular activities. The Director Student Affairs is the chief coordinator and thus responsible for smooth prevalence of co-curricular activities at the campus. Clubs and Societies are strengthened in the campus. The societies are formed by the students under the auspices of Directorate of Student Affairs and play significant role for the evolution of groomed human resource for the nation.

Mr. Nasir Rahim Khan ( Director, Student 's Affairs)
Ph : +92 5824 960008 
Fax: +92 5824 960004




Dr. Asif Mahmood  (Deputy Director, Student 's Affairs)

Ph : +92 5824 960008 
Fax: +92 5824 960004



Mr. Adnan Ahmed Rafique ( Assistant Director, Student 's Affairs)
Ph : +92 5824 960008 
Fax: +92 5824 960004