Agriculture is considered back bone of Pakistan economy and is the biggest contributor to the economic growth of Pakistan. Graduates with degrees in agriculture are highly sought after in the country. The degree in Agriculture empowers you with the general, scientific and problem-solving capabilities necessary to cater the demand for skilled graduates in agriculture sector. If you want to acquire knowledge of how we can exploit natural processes to sustainably feed our increasing population, improve natural resource management and contribute to Pakistan ever growing agricultural industry, education in Agriculture could be a perfect choice. The Faculty of Agriculture at University of the Poonch, Rawalakot is largest research and education institution in Azad Kashmir with 45 employees and over 450 students in 07 Departments. We are offering undergraduate, masters and doctoral degree programmes and our students are taught by some of the best teachers, researchers and professionals in the country. The Faculty\'s most important aim is to contribute for resolving the major challenges facing agriculture with an amplified pressure on natural resources under the scenario of climate change. At the same time, the Faculty must contribute to generate economic growth and thus, ensure our welfare in society. This must happen in close collaboration with the society and public authorities, organisations and other universities, both in Azad Kashmir and rest of the country.

Dean of Faculty

Prof. Dr. Nasir Rahim
Ph.D (UAJ&K Muzaffarabad)

+92-5824 - 960007 +92-5824 - 960004